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Kemer Dancefestival in Spa Hotel Viking Star

Kemer Dancefestival is a Nordisk Dancefestival in beautiful Kemer, Tyrkey
The festival and all workshops will be in Spa Hotel  Viking Star all inclusive.
We are learning and dancing together with Finnish, Swedish, Norwegians,
Danish and Turkish dancers and teachers. The language of workshops 
is mostly English. All inclusive hotel and all workshops, lessons and milongas
in the hotel are including the festivalprice.

Milongas outside the hotel extraprice !

All week long dancing holiday in Spa Hotel Viking Star , the Mediterranean Sea
and sun - that´s all you need !

Viking Hotels in Kemer
* Viking Star
* Viking Park
* Viking Nona 

* Dancing and learning - get new friendships by dancing
* Swimming in the pool and Mediterranean Sea
* Sun & shopping
* Spa & relaxing

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