Tango Argentino, Tango Americano, Finnish Tango 


It needs two to Tango - now you can learn to dance Tango Argentino with Finnish,
Norwegian, Swedish and Tyrkish teachers and dancers ... from beginners to advanced in three levels

* Milongueros from Antalya are with us in workshops and milongas !

1. Beginners: Is for those, who have never danced that dance style before, or only the basic courses 
2. Intermediate: Is for those, who have been dancing approx. ½ - 1 year. 
3. Advanced: Is for those, who have been dancing approx. 1 - 2 years or more  

If you are not sure, please get the lower level !

Finnish Tango  all levels together
Old Finnish Tango all levels together
Other social Tangos all levels together

If You ever visit in Finland, you can not avoid the Finnish Tango.  That ´s why  it is very useful to learn
the basic steps and style of Finnish Tango. It is easy to learn, but you have to know, how to do it.
Finnish tango is different from Tango argentino and ballroom tango in many ways, but you can see ,
it feels tango from the first step. There are also many ways to dance Finnish Tango.
Tango arrived to Finland 1913 ,  2 nd of November , 2 o´clock p.m.

The American way to dance Tango - sociable and also in competitions
Famous tango composer Henri Mancini

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